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Together We'll Rise

simplifying and organizing self-discovery and growth; creating a framework to heal and prosper in mind, and life.

separateness is an illusion, while we may be on Earth as individuals and to have individual experiences we do not have to do anything alone, including rising to the very best version of self <3

Meditation Membership, Online Courses, and Custom Meditations.


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meditation membership

Each week a new topic/mantra is chosen and then a lesson, mediation, and journal prompts are uploaded to complement that topic.

example topics: confidence, power, grief, expectations

Additionally, once per month there is a live zoom yoga flow, discussion and meditation. 

knowledge is power

From reframing your perspective and balancing your energy to loving yourself and removing limitations and fears, these free and paid courses are available to deepen your connection with self as well as learning tools to feel empowered within your daily experience. All self-paced and completely virtual. 

**members receive a discount on all courses

available 2/7/24

custom, personalized, intimate guidance 

I can be hired for your retreat as a yoga and meditation guide, a speaker for your event,

OR you and I can work one on one diving into topics personal to your life experience and limitations



My name is Stephanie Rix

yoga and meditation guide, nationally certified hypnotist, personal trainer, and lover of the holistic approach. i teach from the knowing that mind, body and soul are connected and need different things; this is why I do not just offer meditation, or just yoga, or just perspective shifting courses...but instead, all in one so that you can harmonize and alchemize your inner selves.



Feel free to email me with any questions you may have about

the membership, courses, and one on one sessions. 

Thanks for submitting!

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