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I aim to provide guidance on how to journey inward to discover what is blocking your enjoyment and fulfillment of life and what to do while there to help you heal and prosper. 

The modalities in which I do this are Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Hypnosis, Fitness, and Consciousness Teachings; all different approaches to the same thing, self realization.

You are a multifaceted individual with different levels of needs, when you learn to provide yourself with a life experience (internally and externally) that satisfied those needs you will feel harmonized and at peace.

Those levels of needs being: phycological, safety, belonging/love, esteem, and self actualization (the realization or fulfillment of ones talents and potentials).


Ways You and I Can Work Together:

First thing is first, my YouTube channel is a free resource. Click Here to explore.

Sessions: I offer customized hypnosis recordings created just for you available in single sessions or packages

Online Courses: Two created so far, with many more to come throughout 2022

Memberships: COMING SOON. 3 membership levels encompassing all modalities

Events: in person and virtual events, workshops, and teachings

Work With Me


Here is a free training, a free hypnosis audio and a free workbook:

this training is for mental clarity, emotional freedom, and unapologetic authenticity 

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