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Hypnosis Sessions

Hypnosis is a tool used to communicate your conscious desired change to your subconscious mind. 


The subconscious is what is responsible for your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

8 Week Program

  • It is for the person who knows that there is something more to life than what has been told to them by society & throughout their childhood.

  • It is for those who seek to improve their self talk and relationship with themselves, learn how to heal their past & identify the mental blocks stopping them from prospering,

  • It is for those who want to raise their consciousness & vibration to be a natural attractor to more positivity in their life & remove the childhood & generational conditioning that has been deeply embedded within telling them how they 'should' be, look and feel.

  • It is for those dedicated (meaning you show up and remain teachable to new perspectives and thoughts you may have not had before)

Sometimes creating change and transformation is easier with guidance, support, and accountability.


Stephanie has created a coaching program in which she guides people through completely transforming their mindset, subconscious patterns, belief systems, and emotional states to be more positive, optimistic, graceful, and empowering.

One-on-One Coaching

Online Courses

This is an option for the self paced transformer, or the one who desires one-on-one coaching style learning at a lower price point. 


Currently Stephanie has two online courses available: Chakra Hypnosis and Learn Self Hypnosis. Click below to learn about each one.

Self Hypnosis

A 5 Video series to teach you self hypnosis. Hypnosis is a tool used to communicate your conscious desired change to your subconscious mind making change graceful and empowering.

Chakra Hypnosis

A 7 Week Program with a lesson video, action steps, journal prompts, a meditation, and a hypnosis audio for each chakra. This is a unique program that combines healing and the balancing the Chakras and using Hypnosis to remove any blockages that are causing an imbalance in your Chakra System

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