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Live Intentionally, Live On Purpose


Humans are habitual creatures, more often than not you are doing things, saying things, thinking things, and feeling things that you have done, said, thought, and felt hundreds of times over again. The accumulation of your habits consequences (aka cause and effect) have created what you call your reality. To change any aspect of your current reality you have to start with the roots...your actions, words, thoughts, and feelings.This is where intention comes in.

To be intentional is to act purposefully. To truly choose what you do, say, think, etc rather than it be a habitual response. Intentions act as blueprints or directions. They guide your subconscious into at least being open to, if not completely, altering your output.

Someone with the intention to actively participate in a conversation will have a completely different experience than someone with the intention to be right or prove others wrong.

Intentions set foundations. Sturdy foundations create long lasting structures. Would you want a house that was rushed, half assed, and or created without focus and attention? Or one built craftfully, attentively, and soundly?

Live on purpose!

Because frankly, you're worth it.

xoxo Stephanie


meditation (click on the word)


Journal Prompts

  1. What do I want out of life? How are my actions, and how are my actions not contributing?

  2. Who do I want to be? How are my actions, and how are my actions not contributing?

  3. How do I want to be? How are my actions, and how are my actions not contributing?

  4. What do I waste time on and how can I start to decrease time spent on it?

  5. What, when I incorporate into my routine, will bring me closer to the self, life, and reality I want?

  6. How will I keep myself accountable?


Action Steps

  1. Set an alarm/reminder on your phone to go off every few hours as a reminder to assess and redirect your actions

  2. Allow 5/10 minutes in the morning to plan your intentions for that day. Even if done by speaking them aloud while driving or getting ready.

  3. Each Sunday night take time to notice how you have and have not been intentional that week, and how you will be intentional in the week ahead.

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