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Change and the Unknown

Updated: Feb 1


The ONLY guarantee in life is that life is going to change. So your outlook on change, relationship to change, and the level at which you embrace change will have a direct impact on your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Time and time again I have seen two types of people. Those who think life is happening TO them and those who think life is happening FOR them. One causes you to believe you are a victim to the world, while the other causes a belief that the world is on your side.

While one view is more empowering than the other, to believe that life is happening FOR you is not always the easier path. Especially when what is happening around you is heartache, loss, confusion, and frustration inducing. But I am sure you that think of multiple times in your life where in the moment it felt like things were falling apart or not in your control and as time passes you saw how it was better for you to have happened than not.

Personally the first few that come to mind are my autoimmune diagnosis, my insomnia, and my divorce.

Getting diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis caused me to prioritize my health and wellbeing and lead me down a path of self healing and care that perhaps otherwise I would have never discovered. The health and mindfulness I adopted from that are still ones I practice till this day and improve the quality of my life. I put myself into remission where I have stayed for 11.5 of the past 12 years.

My insomnia caused me to reassess what I was doing with my life and why I felt so stressed and unfulfilled that my body was literally trying to wake me up. As I explored natural remedies for insomnia I discovered two things: hypnosis, and two of my mentors. I was so fascinated at the success of the hypnosis that I became a certified hypnotist and started my first business ReRoot Hypnosis that allowed me to quit my job and help hundreds of people.

Being told by my previous partner that he no longer wishes to be married was indeed heartbreaking but it gave me the freedom to finally leave my hometown as I had always wanted and move to Austin where I have thrived, lived blissfully, and met some life long soul friends.

Betterment is always on the other side. It may not seem like it in the moment, but what is for you will stay, and what is not simply wont. You will live a life more aligned to who you are and what you want if you release the resistance and fear around change. To welcome it rather then squeeze your eyes shut and wish it weren't happening.

Todays video talks more in depth about change and this weeks meditation grows comfort with change <3

Because frankly, you're worth it.

xoxo Stephanie


meditation (click on the word)


Journal Prompts

  1. How do I physically, mentally, and emotionally respond to change?

  2. What is my response to change I desire vs change I did not choose?

  3. What are three changes that have happened in my life that at the time were hard, and what good came from them, what lessons were learned, and how am I stronger from them?

  4. What change have I been avoiding? Why? How can I begin to implement this change in small comfortable ways?


Action Steps

  1. Move things around in your kitchen, bathroom, closet, and or house at large. Move the apps around on your phone. This will micro expose yourself to controlled change. This will also help condition your mind that there isn't a scary monster on the other side of change.

  2. Pick one brand new thing to implement at least twice per week that is aligned with a goal you have. Want to be more active? Two twenty minute walks per week. Want to be more confident? Set an achievable goal like cleaning out the fridge or organizing your closet AND FOLLOW THROUGH.

  3. Change your driving pattern to places you go to often enough that you take the same routes.

  4. Pick a habit you have - anything from making coffee to working out - and try to do it in different ways.

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