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What others have to say:

What others have to say:

"Stephanie has great energy and is straight forward, professional and kind. We have tackled a few areas within the few visits, I found that it was cleansing and left with much motivation."                                                                        -Deb

"the session was relaxing, open, and positive. It was a very comfortable, warm, and inviting situation.  After the session, I felt instant results, as the content in session spoke directly to my subconscious. "                                  -Ceasar

"I am getting into the core of what I need to continue to grow and keep healthy. The sessions are amazing for me. My energy is up. "                                  -Cinder

"I'm so happy that I've started hypnosis. I highly recommend working with her. Each time I have an appointment I am so excited, because in additional to all else, this is the most relaxing thing I have ever done. "    -Amy

"I feel like I really got in touch with myself and who I am and left me feeling some what awakened to an inner power within myself."                                                             -Julian

"Thank you so very much. The second session enabled me to reach my goal of exercise. I have not touched meat or meat products since our first session. You have made me so happy."                                                                        -Debbie

"I had a scheduled lunch with a former supervisor of mine today and was not looking forward to it. When he brought some other guy to come too I thought "oh damn". But somehow I was able to speak well the entire time with only a couple minor hesitations."                                  -John

***came in for stuttering

"Stephanie is one of the most compassionate souls I've ever met. She goes above and beyond to make her clients feel like they are safe & loved. Her focus is always on you and helping you get to the root of the underlying problem. If you are looking for a hypnotherapist that is dedicated to helping you see the divine being you are, look no further. "                                       -Sage

For more reviews, check out ReRoot Hypnosis on google and yelp!

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