Online Courses
​these programs are completely online meaning you can go through them at your own pace.
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Chakra Hypnosis

Self Paced

& Facilitated

7 weeks

Imagine knowing and loving who you are, consistent flows of creative ideas to bring your dreams to life, strong will and motivation, seeing the beauty in the journey, unapologetically speaking your truth, trusting your intuition, and feeling connected to a higher power and guidance.


Self Hypnosis

Self Paced 

& Facilitated

5 videos

In order to change your mindset, behaviors, emotions, habits, and identities you need to know:

-how the two parts of the mind - the subconscious and conscious - work together to form, store, and rid of habits. 

-how your childhood has influenced who and how you are today

-the science behind habit formation and hypnosis

-how to self hypnotize!