Chakra Hypnosis


Soon You'll:

-know who you are and what you want

-have consistent flows of creative ideas to bring your dreams to life

-maintain strong will and motivation

-see the beauty in the journey

-unapologetically speak your truth

-trust your intuition

-feel connected to a higher power and guidance

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The Root Chakra helps you know who you are at the core, your morals, and your truth.
The Sacral Chakra provides you creativity and imagination to bring your dreams to life.
The Solar Plexus Chakra maintains your strong will and motivation.
The Heart Chakra allows you to see the beauty in the journey, and love yourself at every stage of life.
The Throat Chakra gives you the ability to voice your opinion, stand up for yourself, and communicate and express healthily.
The Third Eye Chakra is the seat of your intuition, foresight, perception, and openness.
The Crown Chakra embraces gratitude for life and is the center of enlightenment and awareness.

I AM SO PROUD of you!

By signing up, you are investing yourself, your mental, emotional, and physical health, and life, and your joy. THAT IS NO SMALL THING. You are doing what most don't, and so you will have a quality of self and life that most don't (this is good! most are anxious. unhappy, and disconnected).

Within 48 hours of signing up for option one you will be emailed the intro video.
Then starting on February 1st, you will be emailed weekly - each week we focus on one chakra though a video lesson, hypnosis audio, meditation audio, journal prompts, and action steps.

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Reach out! I am here as your friend, guide, and support.

I want your growth and betterment just as much as you do. What is good for one, you, is good for all; plus, you deserve it, are worthy of it, and need it.

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