We Will Cover:

  • the conscious & subconscious minds & how they dictate our lives

  •  how to identify and change/create belief systems

  • how to create a shift in your core identity that improves how you show up in the world

  • how our external/internal worlds influence our minds and behaviors

  •  the energetics behind environment and how it can make or break your success

  •  the are of letting go what is no longer needed (within and without) and surrendering the need to be in control

  • the power our language and questions have over creating our present and future

  • how to set up a morning routine that puts you in the perfect state of mind to have a positive day

  • the correct way to use affirmations and mantras to make them the most effective 

  • AND AS A SPECIAL BONUS access to my self hypnosis course upon completion of the program

This program/experience will have

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Who is this coaching program for?

This program is for:

  • the person who knows that there is something more to life than what has been told to them by society & throughout their childhood.

  • those who seek to improve their self talk and relationship with themselves

  • those wanting to learn how to heal their past & identify the mental blocks stopping them from prospering

  • those who want to raise their consciousness & vibration to be a natural attractor to more positivity in their life 

  • the people who want to remove the childhood & generational conditioning that has been deeply embedded within telling them how they 'should' be, look and feel

  • for those dedicated and willing to see and do things differently than they have been

  • those who will take responsibility for where they are and getting to where they want to be



  • a completely customized journey ad approach based upon your goals, desires, and current levels

  • two weekly calls with me

  • texting access 5 days per week

  • action steps to take to implement the material and desired change

  • hypnosis and meditation audios

  • journaling prompts to facilitate in your introspection, self realization and growth

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By the end of this program you will:
  • have a better idea of who you truly are (and love who you discover)
  • know how to identify belief systems that do not serve you and change them
  • know how to protect yourself from the opinions and emotions of others
  • have the foundations in place to create a life beyond your wildest dreams
  • be able to confidently use the power of thoughts and language to create your reality
  • how to enter and maintain a good feeling high vibration throughout the day





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