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Chakra Hypnosis



-knowing who you are and what you want

-consistent flows of creative ideas to bring your dreams to life

-strong will and motivation

-seeing the beauty in the journey

-unapologetically speaking your truth

-trusting your intuition

-feeling connected to a higher power and guidance

The Root Chakra helps you know who you are at the core, your morals, and your truth.
The Sacral Chakra provides you creativity and imagination to bring your dreams to life.
The Solar Plexus Chakra maintains your strong will and motivation.
The Heart Chakra allows you to see the beauty in the journey, and love yourself at every stage of life.
The Throat Chakra gives you the ability to voice your opinion, stand up for yourself, and communicate and express healthily.
The Third Eye Chakra is the seat of your intuition, foresight, perception, and openness.
The Crown Chakra embraces gratitude for life and is the center of enlightenment and awareness.

Why combine chakra work and hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a way to reprogram your behavior, emotional, and mental patterns - aka habits, feelings, and mindsets. When you change what you do, feel, and think, your life changes

Balancing your chakras allows you to have a balanced experience of healthy life force energy in aspects of your life beyond just habit, feeling, and mindset - tapping into the deeper aspects of you, life, and subtle energies and guidance.

Using hypnosis to balance chakras is a way to integrate the lessons, concepts, and perks of balanced chakras with more ease and grace.


A deep sense of knowing your true self, consistent flows of creative ideas to bring your goals to life, strong will and motivation, seeing the beauty in the journey, unapologetically and confidently expressing and communicating, trusting your intuition, and feeling connected to something powerful and greater in this world.

What are the perks you ask?

How Does it work?

Once you sign up you will be given access to the whole course.

You receive one video lesson, homework, and a hypnosis audio file PER chakra.

The course is completely self-paced and so if you feel you need to spend more than one week on a certain energy center, please do! 


Have Questions?


Reach out! I am here for support. I want your growth and betterment just as much as you do.


What is good for one, is good for all; plus, you deserve it.

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